tirsdag 2. februar 2010

How does ICT influence social life ?

When I was a little girl the technology was not so complicated as it is today. There was only one TV channel and it didn't start until 18.00 in the evening. Only one childrens program on tv each day, and no longer than 30 minutes. The scariest program ever was "Pompel og Pilt".(made in 1969)

To communicate whit people distanced, we had a telephone. The telephone should only be used to long distance calls or emergencies, because it was so expensive to use. Today in our information, communication and technology society the picture is completely another. For exaple if you telephun whit skype, it is free to call. So, is this technology revolution that has taken place only positive ? Well, mabye I am old fashion, but I like to speak to people face to face. When you speak whit people throug a computer or a cellphone parts of the message disapear. You can not read a persons body language and mime when using this technological divices. It is easy to get the wrong impression and misunderstandigs apper.
Knowledge is important to understand the unknown, how does the internet really work ? Commoncraft has made this youtube video explaining the internet, world wide web.

We no longer visit our neighbors, we speak with them on facebook,msn, sms or telephone calls. And the children who used to play outside in the snow in the winter, and play football in the summer, they do excactly the same as their parents. The children use the new technology to comunicate whit their friends, play games and school work. And dont get me started on the lack of physikal training we get, stucked behind a computer every evening !

On the other hand i can see the benefits we get from this new devices. It is nice to find both new and good old friends on the internet. We can comunicate with people from the hole world on a daily basis if we want to. And for some people it is the difference of having a sosial life or not. In the end i guess i just have to accept that the new tecnology is here to stay and trie to adjust my way of living the best i can. I just hope i dont end up like this :

Have a nice day everyone !

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  1. Hi.
    I totally agree with you. I think many people today are way to occupied and busy with computers and cellphones.
    It has become increasingly "important" to have the very latest and best gadgets like cellphones with 12 megapixel camera and flash.
    I for one think that we must not forget the fact that this is TOOLS to use for communication.
    So if we use it right it improves our lives, but you do not want to get stuck on the phone or your computer all day, get out and be a little physical altso.

  2. Hi :-)
    In your post Siv, you ponder over the problem of digitalization of contemporary social life. And you try to analyze the problem from 2 perspectives. This is a wise approach. There are always 2 perspectives, if not more. In fact, there are numerous perspectives from which we may shape our point of view. And this is the aim in our course - to try to catch various perspectives on what is going on in contemporary society and culture. Being open to various perspectives usually helps to understand problems better.
    You Tormod made a good point - ICTs are only TOOLS. It's the users who decide whether these tools are going to make the quality of life better or worse.
    Have a nice day both of you :-)

  3. Hi !
    Thank you for the comments both of you. It is very instructiv to get feed back on my writing. The english writing is slowing me down, but I am hanging in there !
    Siv :)