tirsdag 23. mars 2010

Information Technology Ethics

The importance of internet rules

What is ethics and morality ? I would like to say that ethic is the theory of the moral. Everyone wants to believe they have high ethics standards, what moral standard you have shows in how you behave every day. In our everyday life we usually behave and follow our society’s unwritten rules. But what about our etics when it comes to internet society? I don’t think the ethic rules are so worked in that they are obvious for us all. I wonder if it is easier to be more carless about ethic rules when it comes to internet? It is common knowledge not to steel when you go to a shop. But when we surf on the internet and download films and music without paying, is it not steeling? And copying pictures and documents belonging to other people whiteout asking if it is okay, is it not steeling?

On the other side you should not place something on the internet if you don’t want other people to use of your materials. I use to tell my children: If you place something on the internet, make sure that your grandparents would think this was okay if they should stumble over it on the internet. I think this rule makes them think twice before placing pictures and other stuff on the internet. And if you want to show your work on the internet, you can licens your work through for examples creative commons, and your name will follow the work.

This youtube video givs us a good picture on sharing personal work on the internet. A good solution to get your work easy and quickly on the internet is to use scribid. In the end we must not forget that the internet is all about opportunities, empowerment, knowledge and freedom. You have unimagined opportunities to find whatever you are looking for, and place whatever you want to on the internet. You also have the freedom to look and place what you want on the internet. Let us also hope that we can get enough knowledge to reflect and think before we visit or place materials on the internet. Let us hope that we can be empowered by the opportunities, freedom and knowledge and be empowered people in our journey on the internet.
Have a nice day!

IKT and cultural dimensjon

Internets impact on local history.

The internet has made the world smaller in a way, bringing information instantly from the hole world in to our living room. We are no longer only citizens of our country, but citizens of the world. This givs us the oppotuniti to let the rest of the world get to know how we live our life for instans in my contry, Norway. A cople a years ago I found a web site called World heritage. In the UNESCO project World heritage they say "Reflecting the natural and cultural wealth that belongs to all of humanity, World Heritage sites and monuments constitute crucial landmarks for our world. They symbolize the consciousness of states and peoples of the significance of these places and reflect their attachment to collective ownership and to the transmission of this heritage to future generations." I think this is a great project that shows the whole world that local culture is important for the whole world. Unesco has made a list over the worlds natural and cultural inheritage. Norway have seven areas on this list, and among this is Vegaøyene. My grandmother was born on one of these islands, Skjærvær. The most especially whit these islands are the goose feather collecting that has been going on for ages.

Dunsanking på Vegaøyene

This is a task I wrote last year in social sciences course, about collecting goose feathers in the World Heritage Area, Vegaøyene.

The internet is an important tool to reach out to people over the world. Beaucase of this publicity tourists flock to the Vegaøyene. This is an youtube video showing the work of cleaning the goose feathers.

The people on one of the Island, Lånan, has even managed to make buisniss from the publishing on the internet. Lånan let tourist come to the Island and experienc how life was 100 years ago. They also have a internett shop where you can buy duvets, jewelry,dishes and clothing. You can also rent your own stone house, with a eider in for a season (may and june).

They will send you pictures and in e-mail tell you how things are getting on in your stone house every week. This is an unik oppotunety for people from all over the world to follow a ancient tradition closely and maby they will bring it on to their children again. I think it is a really good thing that so many people can learn about ancient cultures by just surfing on the internet. Maybye you learned somthing reading this ?
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